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Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
. iffhe has to has to do ii."pope benedict &pxvi issnearll 86 ad says his mind and body are nn longer uu - to theejob."after haaing pepeatedll examined my - pcme to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advaacedd agg, are no longgr suited to pettine ministry."benedict took over as pope in 2005, as - the churchhwas facingg & declininngpopplarity in paats of the orld and worsening scandal ovvr the sexual abbse pf childden by prieets. some - have criticized hhimfor his handding oo that problem."we hope that pope benedicc will & use these lastttwo weeks of his term tt really make some ppotect iis ttday."benedict'' successor will be chosen by -3 the college oo carddnals some time after he steps down on februaryy 8tt. "tte church traces her continuuty alllthe wayyback through theeapostollc successioo o peter. so e will be looking for someone who is a verr articulate oicee in that continuity.""he -&pinvolved, ut he did appoint more than half of the cardinals makinggthe selectiin, so church oossrvers expect his successor oo continue his conservative &pemily schmidt reporting. 3 the vatic
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
& and new details about a 3 benedict he siittenth has &pbeen dealing with for yyars... ccmiig up. 3 & 3 --adblib weaahee tz-- the... argestt manhunt... in... southern &pcalifornia history... continnes.../. policee.. desperattly... &ppharged with... muudering a - police officer... in rivvrsidee../. riverside.../.wiiliam la 3the saga involling a rouge -3 former cop, turned murder 3 day.dozens offofficees trying & to close in on 33-year-old -3 chrrsttpher dorner....earching theewoodsswest of big bear - lake.neiman says: "thaa is ongoing nd continues as t has sincc the day ttat we - discovered eviience christopher ddrner or his vehiclee as in that area." &pfuulinn rumorssdorner may hhve -3ffeddto mexicc.officiall from the los angeles police &pdepartment will not comment, & but ay they're leaving no sttne unturned...neeian says: ""hh investigation involling many different direcciios based on information we develop..authoritiie also taking a look attsurveillance video showing dorner sportingggoods ssooeein torrance...ppior to the - published repprts.nniman says: "we have not made ny peter
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2